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                Database & Application Admin.
                NASCO MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Lebanon

                Responsibilities: Installing and upgrading the database server and application tools - Allocating system storage and planning future storage requirements for the database system - Monitoring performance and managing parameters to provide fast responses to front-end users - Mapping out the conceptual design for a planned database - Controlling access permissions and privileges - Developing, managing and testing back-up and recovery plans - Auditing, modifying, and amending data in systems using SQL commands, hand-editing, and bulk import - Communicating regularly with technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security - Overseeing implementation of a new system including data migration - Keeping up to date with technical and industry developments - Configuring solutions and related products - Supporting users by developing documentation and assistance tools - Working closely with colleagues, developers, testers and a variety of end users to ensure technical compatibility and user satisfaction.

                Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in computer science - Seven to ten years of relevant experience - Knowledge of a major database languages and applications (Microsoft SQL and ORACLE) - Good knowledge of the physical database design - Ability to perform both SQL and operating system performance tuning and monitoring - Knowledge of ALL SQL backup and recovery scenarios - Experience in retrieving data to prepare documents, and produce a variety of reports from databases.


                APPLY FOR A VACANCY
                NASCO MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Lebanon

                Responsibilities: Receive and verify the accuracy of invoices and other accounting documents/records - Prepare and update accounting journals, ledgers and other records detailing financial business transactions (e.g., disbursements, expense vouchers, receipts, accounts payable, etc...) - Reconcile records/statement of accounts with external vendors and customers (suppliers, insurance companies, banks, etc…) - Reconcile records/statement of accounts with sister companies - Control cash & bank accounts and follow-up on collection - Ensure a proper bookkeeping of fixed assets, depreciation, maintenance, disposal and acquisition - Assist in the preparation of financial statements and analyzing data - Assist the auditors in verifying accounts and ensure proper implementation of recommendations.

                Requirements: Three to four years of experience in the Finance or Accounting fields - Understanding of accounting principles - Knowledge of the insurance and reinsurance industry is a plus - Strong communication and problem solving skills - Ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines.


                APPLY FOR A VACANCY
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